(TEST) Wrinkle Release Peptide Serum Set
(TEST) Wrinkle Release Peptide Serum Set

(TEST) Wrinkle Release Peptide Serum Set

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What it is:

These Wrinkle Release Peptide Serum Sets contain heavy-hitting Peptides and an Amazonian Nut Oil that, when delivered fresh to your skin, pack a powerful punch to help reduce fine lines, boost collagen production, and increase antioxidant protection.

Choose the Original Set or get the Supercharged Set to receive the ultra-exclusive marine elixir that is clinically shown to reduce the depth, width, and volume of wrinkles.

Use within 4 weeks while the actives are most potent for best results. 

What's in the Original Set:

01 Serum Base: This lightweight serum is packed with ultra-nourishing ingredients, including three types of olive oil-based emollients and a deeply-penetrating form of Hyaluronic Acid to hydrate and smooth your skin.

02 Active Peptide Add In (Active Pep): Wrinkles can be caused by many sources: gravity, facial expressions, and environmental stresses. These polypeptides work on all of them. They help the muscles decontract, which relaxes the skin and reduces the appearance of wrinkles- no needles necessary!

03 Active Amazonian Nut Oil (Active Oil): Oils are essential to maintaining healthy skin, but your skin loses its natural oil over time. Fresh Chemistry's fast absorbing, nutrient-dense super oil comes from the powerful Cacay nut, which has the highest amount of naturally occurring retinol and even more omega fatty acids and vitamin E than Argan oil. This luxurious super ingredient moisturizes, helps reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles, and increases your skin's antioxidant protection.

04 Marine Plus Renewal Booster (Marine Plus): The starfish has a unique superpower: the ability to regenerate entire limbs. This ultra-exclusive, cruelty-free marine elixir harnesses the regenerative powers of the starfish and is clinically shown to reduce the depth, width, and volume of wrinkles.

For full ingredient list, see here.