Why Fresh Matters

Just like fresh food is better for your body, fresh skincare is better for your skin.

Ingredients are most potent when a product is first activated.

Mixing typically happens at a factory, long before you ever buy the product. Then, as it goes from the factory to the warehouse to the beauty counter and, finally, to your bathroom counter — it is exposed to air, light, and a lot of time (like, 9 months or more).

This can cause the chemical structure of the ingredients to break down, sometimes resulting in a change of color or odor, and other times left undetectable to the naked eye. But this breakdown makes it harder for your body to recognize the ingredients, absorb them, and put them to use.

By the time most products touch your skin, You're Left with weak, stale skincare.

If we don't settle for stale food, why for stale skincare?


Fresh Chemistry® is on a mission to put the power directly in your hands. You activate the ingredients on your own time, so you can be confident you’re getting strong, potent, freshly activated skincare with every use.


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