What is a facial serum?

There are four key steps to facial care: cleanse, treat, moisturize, and protect. A facial serum is used in the "treat" step, an important part of your facial care routine that targets specific facial care concerns (in this case, brightening your skin and smoothing fine lines). Serums usually have a consistency that ranges from a thin gel to a light lotion.

How do I apply a serum?

The best time to use a serum is after washing your face, so the potent ingredients can soak into clean skin. Massage the serum into your face and neck for about 15 seconds, being careful to avoid your eyes. Allow it to dry and absorb into your skin before you apply moisturizer (if needed).

Can these serums be worn under makeup?

Absolutely. The proprietary Fresh Chemistry Serums were designed to be worn by themselves or under makeup. 

Do I need to store this in my refrigerator to keep it fresh?

Because the ingredients are first activated when you mix it, keeping it on your bathroom counter is perfectly fine. We recommend using the serum within 4 weeks when the active ingredients are most potent. 

Are your products tested on animals?

No, but they have been thoroughly tested on humans!

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